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 lone assassin of peace and truth for freedom.

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PostSubject: lone assassin of peace and truth for freedom.   Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:32 am

Name: (Zexal auditore )

Alias: (Sy)

Race: (Humen)

Age: (29)

Alchemy Alignment: (Contergy)

Anima power: (none)

Clan (none)

Tribe: (umbra)

Organization: (none)

Faction: (none)

Royal Rank: (none)


History: (When zexal was young his villege was burn down and his family was burned alive now all he has is his fathers unbreakable sword and his mathers picture, people say that zexal is strange because he talks to the shadows as if someone is their. Later on he met a kid that he took in and raised to be the next #1 assassin by making him his apprentice.)

Weapon: (two hidden blades, sawtooth sword, hand crated daggers and bow gun, smoke bombs.)

Theme Song:Get down with the sickness by disturbed

Extra Info: (Zexal was rased somwhere els in a small villege untill the accident of the villege or if it wasnt a accident at all. So he travels to seek answers. But since he was little he was sent into somewhere els and learn something that he thought couldn't be possible.)

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lone assassin of peace and truth for freedom.
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