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 Gilen Dread

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PostSubject: Gilen Dread   Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:56 am

Name: Gilen Dread

Alias: Blood Panther

Race: Human- Adept

Age: 20

Alchemy Alignment: Minergist

Organization: Mercury

Appearance: A tall, well build man with a slim body and a good bit of muscle. Not so much that it looks bad, but enough to look tough. He is covered in deeply tanned skin, which if shirtless would reveal tattoo's on his arms, chest, back, and shoulders; All in an old style, Germanic writing. Dull yellow eyes with faint hints of grey lines in them, a regular nose, lips and jaw make up his face. Blood red hair falls down his back in a thick 'lions mane' sort of way. Gilen is normally dressed in grey cargo pants, a black tank top, and a grey hoodie. Over all of it is a drak grey robe with a hood, left open. In the folds of the robe is a mask he wears when on 'the job'.

History: Gilen was born into slavery, working for little to nothing in a place hardly anybody knew existed. At the age of 8, he fought his way out of the place. As time passed, he grew stronger, taking jobs that eventually got him the tilte Blood Panther. By the age of 15, Gilen was taking on five jobs at a time, expertly executing the targets without being noticed. His title was permanent from one particular mission, which ended with him getting paid well and the target walking free.

Weapon: A pair of dual swords. Blood red blades with black hilts and no hilt guards. Each is about five feet ten inches.

Theme Song: (Fight Song)War of Change

Extra Info: Gilen does not spoke unless spoken to directly, an old habit he cannot shake. He will often be found staring at others, his facial expression normally looking irritated, even if he is not. Blood Panther was a title explaining how he acts. He will circle somebody, staring them down like a prey in the hunt.
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Gilen Dread
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